Review of The Sports Betting Champ System

John Morrison, an Ivy League graduate and Cornell University statistician who developed the Sports Betting Champ System, is a betting system that allows you to bet on sports. The sales page claims that the system can be foolproof and that he earns over $70,000 every week from sports betting. These claims are further supported by screenshots of the account that shows $185,819.80 as a balance for December 2009.

Scrolling down the page, you’ll be bombarded by photos of scribbled testimonials, grainy scans or betting slips and many more claims that sound so ridiculous they make you scream “scam!” Hillary Clinton’s photo is included in an apparent attempt to legitimize the claims through random associations. You can also find a link to a page that contains over 1,000 testimonials from customers, including scans of letters written with similar handwriting.

After reading the entire เว็บพนันออนไลน์ 888 เว็บ ตรง Champ System page, and all the testimonials, I assumed that the system had been a scam. I went on Google hoping to find more details. After searching for hours, I discovered that most of the posts were positive. Although I was skeptical, it is known how easy it it to modify photos. Here are the reasons I suspect:

  • The claims of profits are enormous to the point where they seem unbelievable
  • It is very easy to change screenshots using an editor
  • The scans of your betting slips are grainy enough that any modifications cannot be seen
  • Remarkably similar handwriting can be seen in scans of customer testimonials

I was convinced that this was a sophisticated and well-organized scam. The best counterfeiters strive to get their products passed judgement by paying attention and blurring the edges so they don’t stand out. After examining the images, it became apparent that they were either well-forged or authentic. I decided that a single outlay of several hundred dollars was an acceptable price to pay in order to establish definitively if the Sports Betting Champ System really is a fraud.

Now, it’d be easy for you to look at the claims on the Sports Betting Champ System Website and make a comparison with your findings. The simple truth is, the Sports Betting Champ System really works. You can actually realize the claims if you follow their instructions and place large wagers. I started with $10 and a small amount of money. I was happy to risk this amount as I am a regular bettor on sports and have placed many good bets in the past (although I do still lose a few hundred dollars each month).

After two months of bets, I followed all instructions and began betting on NFL, MLB and NBA. I placed total of 73 wagers (every single Sports Betting Champ System bet during the 2-month period) and the overall record was 71-2. You’re correct, only two of my bets went sour in the 2 months of wagering! After my first few successes, it was hard to believe that this system actually worked. In the next 2 months, I increased my betting unit from $10 up to $200 and my bankroll went from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Before joining Sports Betting Champ System the Sports Betting Champ System, my reading skills were probably at their lowest point. But now the profits speak louder than the doubts. I didn’t think I would give it a try. But, the investment has been repaid a hundred-fold! Follow the links to join Sports Betting Champ System.

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